Bad Dogs or Bad Owners

A breaking documentary unfolding the raw truth on breed specific legislation.

The MCABSL, Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, is proud to announce their first documentary coming in the fall of 2010. This ground breaking documentary touches on many subjects including "bad dogs or bad owners" and how BSL, Breed Specific Legislation, has targeted specific breeds of dogs instead of reviewing the whole history of each individual dog. This is not to say that every incident involving a dog the owner should be blamed but many, many incidents with dogs can be directly connected to how poorly they were raised.

With this BSL, which was started in Miami Dade County, dogs are being taken away from their owners, can be put in a so called "doggie death row" and in some documented cases the dog was put down with in 2-3 hours after an incident. Leaving the case uninvestigated and pointing the finger solely on the dog breed and not investigating the dog's environment, up bringing or if there was any past issues.

MCABSL with this documentary shows all sides of BSL and who and how it can and will effect many, many families if we ignore this singling out of certain breeds of dogs. We urge you to see this documentary regardless of your opinions and find out the raw truth about BSL.

Bad Dogs or Bad Owners - Who is really to blame?


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