Destruction in Your Home

When your new puppy is teething, this can mean destruction in your home. It can be frustrating to come home to chewed up furniture and ripped up shoes. Whether you have a young pup who is just learning to use his teeth, or an older dog with an anxious habit, K9 ADVISORS can help curb this kind of destructive behavior. Often, dogs are triggered by the habits and patterns of their owners, such as reaching for keys on your way out, or exiting through a certain door.

You may not realize how your actions and routines could be leading to destruction in your home. K9 ADVISORS can produce immediate results in your dog's destructive behavior by identifying the reasons behind their action. We will begin by relocating items such as throw rugs, plants, trash bins, shoes, pillows, and any other items you normally have on the floor, so that they are out of reach. Call today to find out how our methods deliver excellent results, using our hands only to praise.

We can help you limit the amount of destruction in your home that your dog is able to cause while you are not at home. A useful method for many pet owners is crate training, which K9 ADVISORS can help you achieve. Using positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior, crating is never used as punishment. We offer a huge range of options that can prevent your puppy or dog from wreaking havoc on your belongings, such as excessive and limiting the amount of toys available.

K9 ADVISORS recommends limiting the amount of toys your dog has as well as safely confine your puppy or dog when you are not home to avoid Destruction in Your Home when you are not with them. A good choice for restricting your special friend is proper crate training. Our trainers will show you how to properly crate train your puppy or dog, that will serve the rest of their lives. A puppy or dog that will be crated should always receive positive reinforcement, and under no circumstances use the crate as punishment. Plenty of exercise is also a great way to prevent your puppy or dog from being destructive indoors. Give us a call and see what we can do to help your dog.

We are K9 ADVISORS Dog Training in Hollywood, Florida with trainers all across Florida. K9 ADVISORS Dog Training has trained thousands of dogs all over Florida in basic to advanced training, protection training, therapy training, and service dog training. No matter what your needs are we will train your dog to fit your needs, regardless of age, size or breed.
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