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Are you looking for trustworthy Aggression Puppy Training to train your puppy who is aggressive a lot? There are various causes of dog aggression. These explanations can differ significantly from dog to dog. To properly teach your dog, it is essential to be aware of the circumstances that make him aggressive. Dogs may become aggressive if they feel confined or cornered and cannot flee from what they see as frightening. Fear-based aggressiveness can also be shown in dogs that have been mistreated, abused, or not properly socialized.

Our Aggression Puppy Training involves a positive reinforcement technique where we don't lay hands on the puppies to punish them but only to praise them and encourage them for their excellent behavior. One of the most prevalent causes of aggressiveness in dogs is possession aggression, sometimes known as resource guarding. Whether there is a threat or not, many dogs need to protect their belongings like food, toys, bed, kennel, etc.

We have trained professionals to provide Aggression Puppy Training. Dog aggressiveness may be problematic for the owners and harm the pet's reputation. Nobody likes dealing with meanness, but it may be even more complicated when you don't know how to assist your cherished fur baby. What appears to be meanness is often a fear or stress response, which can look like meanness. Sometimes distractions can be helpful, but nothing ever seems to resolve the problem.

We are K9 ADVISORS Dog Training in Hollywood, Florida with trainers all across Florida. K9 ADVISORS Dog Training has trained thousands of dogs all over Florida in basic to advanced training, protection training, therapy training, and service dog training. No matter what your needs are we will train your dog to fit your needs, regardless of age, size or breed. Call for a FREE consultation!

My specialties are:

  • Solving Severe Dog Behavior Problems
  • Training Advanced, Off-Leash, Obedience
  • Developing Obedient Family Protection Dogs
  • Executive Protection
  • Training Dogs for Business Owners and Families.

The advantage to working with me is that the dog will be trained in an extensively tested system that works! Any owner will see amazing results in the very first lesson. Contact me today to schedule an appointment for your dog's training.

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K9 ADVISORS was founded as a result of my passion. For years, I trained thousands of dogs for a large dog training facility in Miami.

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