Miami Dade Animal Shelter Outbreak

Dear General Public, Animal Advocates and Members:
As you know, Miami Dade Animal Services was and will be in crisis mode. All the animals were taken out of the shelter and they were either adopted or into rescues. This was a direct result of the massive support from the general public, a handful of caring Miami-Dade County politicians, Vets and Boarding facilities, the MDAS staff and the fabulous rescue groups.
The Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, NKN , The Miami Voice, Heidi’s Legacy, 1Luckydog, FurAngels, APR, Underdog, WeeWaggin, Second Chance, and hundreds of other animal advocacy orgs, heeded the call to save these innocent animals from being euthanized thru 5 days of tears, sweat and no sleep . The animals are safe with them. However, we fear that these animals in the general populations’ hands are at a high risk. Even with good intentions, they do not have the knowledge or may not have the funding to deal with disease ridden animals. Therefore, we are requesting that, effective immediately, a bulletin be mailed to ALL Miami-Dade County residents, warning them of a possible outbreak of infectious diseases. Some of the warnings should be, vaccinated your dog now, do not socialize your dog with other unfamiliar dogs, if your dog displays any symptoms immediately take to a Vet, and refrain from taking them to public places. Speaking of that, ALL dog parks should be shut down for the time being…this is an excellent preventive measure. The virus is out there already…we need to control it as best we can. Protocols must be in place.
I am imploring MDAS and Miami-Dade County to allow for rescue groups to continue not being charged any pull fees. This I am sure can be arranged. They have their hands full with the incurred expenses as a direct result of this manmade disaster.
On behalf of our organization, and all others involved in this mass effort…we thank you for your assistance and the will to save these sentient beings.
God Speed …
In Hope and Commitment,
Dahlia Canes
Director for the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation.
Tax ID: 27-1081950

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ATTENTION Please attend the following meetings if possible. The new Miami Dade Animal Shelter will be up for discussion on Thursday 03.31.2011 from 6-8PM and the new shelter will be up for voting by the Commissioners on Monday 04.04.2011 at 9:30AM.

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