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About K9 Advisors About K9 ADVISORS:
K9 ADVISORS was founded as a result of my passion. For years, I trained thousands of dogs for a large dog training facility in Miami. There, I began as a protection dog decoy and agitator and quickly progressed into basic and advanced (off- leash) obedience and severe behavior problem solving, ultimately becoming the facility's head dog trainer. Throughout the years, I’ve trained many other dog trainers, advancing some and releasing those not suited to dog training, in addition to managing and training kennel staff. I continued training dogs of all kinds and ages with varying behavior issues while attending Florida International University, and I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, with an emphasis on behavior assessments and modifications, in 1997. Shortly after graduating, I began a lucrative career as a financial advisor, while continuing to train dogs for free in my spare time. Working to improve canine behavior was something I could not leave behind, it was too much a part of me even after creating and operating my own financial service firm. While a financial advisor, I continued to help various rescue groups save "un- adoptable" dogs with behavior problems by donating my training time and techniques. Eventually, I found my passion for helping dogs and their owners was more personally rewarding than being a financial advisor. I then coupled my drive and my ability to advise people on their financial affairs with my solid dog training. Today, I am well recognized by many local and national rescue groups as a canine behavior problem solver. I can train ANY dog, regardless of the circumstances. From severely abused and neglected, to deaf and blind dogs, or dogs working in law enforcement. I’ve done it all! Dog Behavior Problems

My specialties are:

* Solving Severe Dog Behavior Problems

* Training Advanced, Off-Leash, Obedience

* Developing Obedient Family Protection Dogs

* Executive Protection

* Training Dogs for Business Owners and Families.

The advantage to working with me is that the dog will be trained in an extensively tested system that works! Any owner will see amazing results in the very first lesson. Contact me today to schedule an appointment for your dog’s training.