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About K9 AdvisorsAs a prime Hollywood dog training provider, we offer a range of training options. We can benefit you and your treasured dog! All dogs are trainable. Do not give up on any dog! Let us share our most outstanding success stories with you! You are at a great advantage when you book K9 ADVISORS. We offer training for both puppies and adult dogs.

Regardless of the breed, sizes and age, we will accept your dog. Our well-honed skills and winning techniques are highly praised by dog owners who have booked us, used our training and benefitted tremendously. Our methods and techniques are all pet friendly. We never lay our hands on a dog. Count on us for excellent Hollywood dog training.

K9 ADVISORS Dog Training has trained thousands of dogs all over South Florida in basic to advanced training, protection and service dog training. No matter what your needs are we will train your dog regardless of age, size or breed. Call about free consultation.

Our Hollywood Fl Dog Training specialties are:

* Solving Severe Dog Behavior Problems

* Training Advanced, Off-Leash, Obedience

* Developing Obedient Family Protection Dogs

* Importing and Acclimating Executive Protection

* Dogs for Business Owners and Families.