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Dog Obedience Trainer & Behaviorist

Dog Obedience TrainerK9 ADVISORS, offers a dog obedience trainer of distinction. One-on-one training, delivered in a focused manner, can be expected, when you book our trainer. For many years, we have applied a ficused e results-oriented approach, to resolving dogs' behavioral issues. We have successfully trained dogs to be predictable and obedient.

We have also proven ourselves competent at training dog owners at several levels. Upon completion of training, owners are better able to interact and work with any breed of dog.
Are you wondering how long it takeour dog obedience trainer, to train a dog? The quick answer is that it depends on how involved the owner is! It takes three times as long to condition a person, than it does a dog!

K9 ADVISORS Dog Training has trained thousands of dogs all over South Florida in basic to advanced, protection dog and service dog training. No matter what your training needs are we train your dog regardless of age, size or breed. Call about a FREE consultation.

Our Dog Obedience Trainer specialties are:

  • Dog Obedience Trainer Programs
  • Puppy Training
  • Solving Severe Dog Behavior Problems
  • Training Advanced, Off-Leash, Obedience
  • Developing Obedient Family Protection Dogs
  • Importing and Acclimating Executive Protection
  • Dogs for Business Owners and Families.