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Pit Bulls Education


Pit Bulls Education:

K9 ADVISORS along with the MCABSL, Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, want to provide you with Pit Bull education and how the BSL, Breed Specific Legislation, in Miami Dade County, is removing these dogs from their homes and families just because they are Pit Bulls.

Whether you own a Pit Bull or a similar breed you need to know the facts about the BSL and how authorities are removing dogs and either putting them on "doggie death row" or putting the dog down without any cause. BSL is discriminating against Pit Bulls and other breeds just because of the characterization of the breeds and not taking into consideration the individual dog. Regardless if your Pit Bull has ever shown signs of over aggression or biting another animal or person BSL does not protect your dog.

At K9 ADVISORS and MCABSL we are trying to provide Pit Bull education to everyone we can reach to make sure that innocent dogs are not being up rooted from their homes and families for no reason. We have been fighting to abolish BSL and create a legislation that makes sense and treats any dog incident on case by case and fully investigating the dog's history and up bringing.

There are 2 documentaries that explains in details BSL and uncovers the truth about Pit Bulls. One documentary was directing and created by Libby Sherrill called Beyond the Myth Movie: A Documentary about Pit Bulls & Breed Discrimination. The second documentary is due out in the fall of 2010 by the MCABSL detailing BSL and how important it is to understand this discrimination legislation.

For more information about MCABSL, their documentary, the pit bull documentary and BSL. Please visit www.unitedagainstbsl.org and find out how you can help fight BSL.