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BSL South Florida:

The MCABSL, Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, is an organization that speaks for all dogs effected by the BSL, Breed Specific Legislation in South Florida. The short answer to what BSL is it bans or restricts people from owning a particular breed of dog. This legislation attacks an entire breed of dog as "dangerous or vicious" based on the actions of a few dogs from a breed. BSL has been spearheaded in Miami Dade County but if this breed discrimination is not stopped here it will affect other cities, counties and states.

The BSL in South Florida have become a reaction from politicians who want to say they are "doing something" to prevent and stop dog bite incidences. Usually the changes in law tend to happen after a highly publicized dog attack occurs. These highly publicized attacks bring a “perceived” need for more stringent laws governing the restraint of dogs. The BSL condemns an entire breed instead of investigating a dog incident case by case study to determine whether the dog is dangerous. It does not take into consideration how the dog was raised, trained, or handled. This legislation does not consider an individual dog’s behavior.

Visit MCABSL and find out the full details of BSL in South Florida, see the work this organization does, meet the volunteers and even become a member. Make sure you check out the MCABSL BSL documentary being released in the fall of 2010. This documentary gives a clear understanding of the targeted breeds and what it means to dogs and their families. Please visit to see how you can help.