Missed Dr. Kupkee and Edel Miedes of K9 Advisors on the radio last Wednesday?

Listen as they discuss Feline Wellness with Joseph Cooper of Tropical Currents on 91.3 FM WLRN, courtesy of NPR. http://www.sabalchaseanimalclinic.com/tvradio/wlrnatyourservice.html

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Should a hurricane approach and you are a foster parent who needs to evacuate, and you cannot take your foster husky with you –
PLEASE contact Bobbie ASAP at bobbie@sibrescue.com OR 954 540-7373 so that arrangements can be made.
For those of you that might be in the path of a disastrous hurricane, one of our volunteers may call your contact # or emergency contact #’s to check in. We want to be sure that everyone and their family is protected and safe!

Prepare a hurricane kit for your pets to include:
___1. Secure pet carriers for cats and small dogs and sturdy leashes/harnesses for larger dogs and appropriate-sized crates or cages for other type pets such as reptiles, birds, etc.
___2. Place medications and medical records, including proof of current vaccinations, in a waterproof container.
___3. Check and see if your vet provides something like a laminated card with proof of current ...

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Local News Channel 10- Sabal Chase Animal Clinic - Prosthetic Breakthrough for Dogs


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Emotional Support Animals

Guest Blogger Maida Genser

Emotional Support Animals: Legal but Still Fought
By Guest Blogger Maida Genser

President Citizens FOR Pets in Condos

Published July 6, 2012

Most people know that service animals are allowed in places where dogs are not usually allowed. The U.S. Department of Justice is the agency that regulates service animals through the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Emotional support animals are yet another type of assistance animal.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulates emotional support animals through the Fair Housing Amendments Act. (The U.S. Department of Transportation regulates law allowing emotional support animals in airplanes.) As opposed to service animals, emotional support animals do NOT need to be trained to do a specific task to do assistance. ESAs assist persons with certain types of disabilities by simply providing companionship and affection. Citizens for Pets in Condos does, however, strongly encourage getting Canine Good Citizenship ...

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