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Premier Dog TrainingK9 ADVISORS has successfully trained hundreds of dogs over the years in the Miami, Broward and Palm Beach area. I am the founder, and I travel throughout South Florida to help dogs and their owners with everything from basic dog training to solving severe behavior problems. My results-oriented approach resolves dog behavior issues and successful trains dogs to be predictable and obedient. With my dog training system, I will also train owners to properly interact and work with any dog. Many people ask me, "How long does it take you to train a dog?", my answer is, "It depends on how smart the owner is". The reality is that it takes about three times as long to condition a person than it does a dog. This is because dogs think in a very linear and simple manner, where as people think in a very complex manner. Therefore, people tend to question each step when dogs just do what is asked of them. My training programs show the owner how to be clear and consistent with words and body language, so that a dog will be focused and do what is asked. My dog training methods are based on psychological conditioning principles - this makes it very easy for the dog to be trained in minutes, and simple for the person to understand. While I utilize various conditioning strategies, the elemental factor of praise is the most important of all. I always tell my clients that "A little praise goes a looooong way". You will be surprised at how much a dog is willing to do with just a little praise. My systematic technique is founded on precisely timed praise, indirect corrections, and ending with praise. The conclusion of any dog training session should always include praise, as this leads to immediate results. Choosing a qualified dog trainer is not an easy task. Many people have taken a few online courses or read a few books or seen a few videos and consider themselves "certified dog trainers." They may even carry a card that says "Certified Dog Trainer". There is no uniform certification for dog trainers. Many different dog training courses provide their own certification, but no nationally recognized system has been established.